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Top NotchDesign, First Class Fabrication


Carol Oosterbeek

CEO - Carol is originally from South Africa. She traveled to the United States in the mid 1980's with her husband, Tony, and immediately began to work as a contract millwork drafter. Over her 36 year career in this industry, Carol has managed numerous high profile and complex projects such as corporate headquarters and professional sports arenas. She has proven herself to be a stand-out by developing a system for producing superior shop drawings as well as for forming an engineering team that takes pride in the quality of their engineering efforts. Carol's positive attitude, as well as her dedication to quality and detail, compliments the company's vision of excellence and the high quality of workmanship for which Architectural Wood LLC is known.

Carol’s spare time is spent hands-on in her garage, overseeing her passion for classic car restoration.

“Nulli Secundus”

Patrick Driscoll

CFO/COO - Patrick brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the architectural woodworking industry to the team. His background spans disciplines in accounting and finance, contract administration, project management, IT and operational management.  Although Patrick's daily role is that of CFO and COO, he also serves as project executive on special government projects such as embassy work and work at the NSA.  He has even been known to run the warehouse forklift when deliveries are received after hours.

Patrick is also a classically trained professional musician as well as a lover of gravity sports, such as white water kayaking, SUP, snowboarding, back country skiing, rock climbing and mountain biking.  

"Montani Semper Liberi"

Don Finnegan

Executive VP of Marketing - Don comes to Architectural Wood LLC with over 30 years of experience in the custom woodwork industry. Don has a Wood Products Engineering degree from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry and a degree in Materials Marketing from Syracuse University.

Don started his career in New York City after graduating from Syracuse University. He then lived in Denver, Colorado for 3 years before moving back east and settling in Central Pennsylvania. Don has been employed as an estimator and has worked on high-end custom store fixture projects, tenant fit-outs, base building fit-outs, law firms, healthcare facilities, hospitality and lab casework projects. 

Don and his wife live in Hanover, Pennsylvania. When he’s not working on bidding your projects, he likes to golf and to spend time outdoors.

Tony Oosterbeek

Executive VP of Projects - Tony is originally from the South Island of New Zealand and he brings with him over 40 years of woodworking experience. Tony's vast knowledge of veneers and of finishing has led him to manage many prestigious projects such as Foley Square Court House, Ericson Stadium, the 100 year restoration of Carnegie Hall (NY), Continental Center (NY), Metropolitan Museum of Art, Philadelphia Phillies Stadium, Capital One West Creek and Frederick Memorial Hospital to name a few. He has served as AWI President of the New Jersey chapter and as an active member of the advisory board.

When not driving production, Tony can usually be found either under or behind the wheel of a number of classic British sports cars, which he restores himself to show ready condition. 

Craftsmen and Staff

We are comprised of a true family of employees, many of whom have worked side by side for decades in the architectural woodworking trade. Be it the savvy CAD draftsmen who engineer your projects, or the highly skilled craftsmen who fabricate your projects, or the finishers that add color, life and depth to your projects, our family is diverse and talented. 

The quality of life found here in the Greenbrier Valley of West Virginia keeps our family a happy family. Many off hour activities that our employees enjoy include hunting, fishing, competitive bow shooting (IBO), hiking, canoeing, golf on our surrounding competitive courses (including the courses at The Greenbrier), mountainous motorcycle riding or a variety of extreme mountain sports such as white water rafting/kayaking, X-Country and downhill mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, spelunking and paragliding. 

The Greenbrier Valley is truly a summer paradise and a winter wonderland!

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